About US

About Us

Hawg Chews officially started selling elk antler products in January 2016. Since then, our company continues to provide only the best quality elk antler pet products, especially for dogs. Today our products are sold in different pet stores around British Columbia (BC), and we strive to continue growing our business in the region.

We have a big passion for finding ‘A’ grade natural shed antlers for your pets. When you buy our products for your pets, we assure you will give them only the best quality antler hawg chews available anywhere. Not only we offer 100% natural products but also make sure they are affordably priced.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our customers with the best quality antler hawg chew available for a fair and affordable price.

Our Vision

We want to continue growing to the point where Hawg Chews are the favorite antler hawg chew for dogs in Canada, and one day the world.

Our Promise

  • 100% Canadian elk antlers.
  • 100% naturally shed antlers.
  • Highest quality grade ‘A’ elk antlers.
  • Products rich in essential organic minerals.
  • Great size products at great prices.